Environment International

Environment International is an international, multidisciplinary Journal situated at the interface between the environment and humans. Our interest is broadly reflecting the complexity of our environment and spans sources, pathways, fate and impacts associated with air, soil, water, food, and biota and their related interactions with ecosystems and human health. Environment International serves as a platform for academics, practitioners, regulators, and policy makers to share and discuss current developments and insights into how environmental processes and human activities shape and impact environmental and human health now and in the future. In doing so, it also brings forward opportunities to minimize public and environmental health risk and maximize resilience. The use of systematic review methods for environmental and human health risk assessment is also an area of focus and growth. They encourage submission of all high quality environmentally and health focused papers, but would be specifically interested in the following subject areas: • Integration of data and modeling to identify and characterize critical aspects of the source-exposure-health outcome continuum • The measurement, modeling, and assessment of the impact of air quality (outdoor and indoor) in the context of human exposure and health • The modelling, exposure and impact of chemicals of emerging concern on the environment and human health • Etiology of environmentally induced illness and associated health effects • Sensitive and vulnerable sub-populations, such as children, elderly, pregnant women and specific occupational groups • Environmental modelling and model-based evaluations of climate change and/or its health impacts • The link between ecosystem health and human health, an emerging topic of global significance • Source apportionment, exposure, bioavailability, and biotransformation of environmental contaminants including novel and innovative approaches for bio-monitoring and environmental "omics" • The use of systematic review methods for environmental and human health risk assessment

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Title Type Author(s) Year
A hybrid method for quantifying China's nitrogen footprint during urbanisation from 1990 to 2009 Journal Article Cui et al. 2016