Energy Policy

Energy Policy is an international peer-reviewed journal addressing the policy implications of energy supply and use from their economic, social, planning and environmental aspects. Papers may cover global, regional, national, or even local topics that are of wider policy significance, and of interest to international agencies, governments, public and private sector entities, local communities and non-governmental organisations. Within this broad spectrum, topics of particular interest include energy and environmental regulation, energy supply security, the quality and efficiency of energy services, the effectiveness of market-based approaches and/or governmental interventions, technological innovation and diffusion, and voluntary initiatives where the broader policy implications can be recognised. Policy prescriptions are required to be supported by rigorous analysis and balanced appraisal.

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Title Type Author(s) Year
Best practices for analyzing the direct energy use of blockchain technology systems: Review and policy recommendations Journal Article Lei et al. 2021
Price and income elasticities of oil demand in Mauritius: An empirical analysis using cointegration method Journal Article Raghoo and Surroop 2020
The energy metabolism of countries: Energy efficiency and use in the period that followed the global financial crisis Journal Article Valeria Andreoni 2020
Who co-opted our energy efficiency gains? A sociology of macro-level rebound effects and US car makers Journal Article R. Galvin 2020
Characterizing the metabolic pattern of urban systems using MuSIASEM: The case of Barcelona Journal Article Pérez-Sánchez et al. 2019
Spatial optimization of the food, energy, and water nexus: A life cycle assessment-based approach Journal Article Yuan et al. 2018
Sustainable planning of the energy-water-food nexus using decision making tools Journal Article Bieber et al. 2018
Between theory and quantification: An integrated analysis of metabolic patterns of informal urban settlements Journal Article Kovacic and Giampietro 2017
Citizen utilities: The emerging power paradigm Journal Article Green and Newman 2017
Between theory and quantification: An integrated analysis of metabolic patterns of informal urban settlements Journal Article Kovacic and Giampietro 2016
Building stock dynamics and its impacts on materials and energy demand in China Journal Article Hong et al. 2016
Structural, geographic, and social factors in urban building energy use: Analysis of aggregated account-level consumption data in a megacity Journal Article Porse et al. 2016
The social metabolism of Scotland: An environmental perspective Journal Article Viglia et al. 2016
Analysis of the energy metabolism of urban socioeconomic sectors and the associated carbon footprints: Model development and a case study for Beijing Journal Article Zhang et al. 2014
Benchmarking urban energy efficiency in the UK Journal Article James Keirstead 2013
Comparison of household consumption and regional production approaches to assess urban energy use and implications for policy Journal Article Baynes et al. 2011
Considering the energy, water and food nexus: Towards an integrated modelling approach Journal Article Bazilian et al. 2011
Estimating GHG emissions of marine ports—the case of Barcelona Journal Article Villalba and Gemechu 2011
Integrated energy and carbon modeling with a decision support system: Policy scenarios for low-carbon city development in Bangkok Journal Article Aumnad Phdungsilp 2010
Methodology for inventorying greenhouse gas emissions from global cities Journal Article Kennedy et al. 2010
Modeling energy consumption and CO2 emissions at the urban scale: Methodological challenges and insights from the United States Journal Article Parshall et al. 2010
Twelve metropolitan carbon footprints: A preliminary comparative global assessment Journal Article Sovacool and Brown 2010
Catalonia's energy metabolism: Using the MuSIASEM approach at different scales Journal Article Ramos-Martín et al. 2009
Applying physical input–output tables of energy to estimate the energy ecological footprint (EEF) of Galicia (NW Spain) Journal Article Carballo Penela and Sebastián Villasante 2008
The household energy transition in India and China Journal Article Pachauri and Jiang 2008
An analysis of cross-sectional variations in total household energy requirements in India using micro survey data Journal Article Shonali Pachauri 2004
On the economics of electricity consumption in small island developing states: a role for renewable energy technologies? Journal Article Daniel Weisser 2004