Energy Journal

The Energy Journal is the official quarterly journal of the International Association for Energy Economics. It was founded in 1980 to promote the advancement and dissemination of new knowledge concerning energy and related topics. The editors strive to publish a blend of theoretical, empirical and policy related papers in energy economics. Articles published in the Energy Journal provide rigorous and innovative analyses of interest to academics, energy industry professionals, civil servants and regulators, and the financial community such as Wall Street analysts. Scope and topics covered include: • Energy & environmental issues • Petroleum (upstream & downstream) • Electricity markets • Energy & developing countries • Natural gas topics • Gasoline demand analysis • OPEC and oil markets • Renewable energy • Policy issues • Coal topics • Distributed generation • Econometric modeling • Alternative transportation fuels • Energy efficiency • Regulatory economics • Energy taxation • Market power issues • Interfuel substitution • Nuclear power issues • Transportation • Emissions trading (SO2, CO2) • Carbon emissions reduction

Published by International Association for Energy Economics.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Re-estimating the decoupling effect: Is there an actual transition towards a less energy-intensive economy? Journal Article Bithas and Kalimeris 2013