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Title Type Author(s) Year
The Role of Crypto Trading in the Economy, Renewable Energy Consumption and Ecological Degradation Journal Article Miśkiewicz et al. 2022
Cryptocurrency Mining from an Economic and Environmental Perspective. Analysis of the Most and Least Sustainable Countries Journal Article Náñez Alonso et al. 2021
Internet of Things (IoT) and the Energy Sector Journal Article Hossein Motlagh et al. 2020
Learning to Chill: The Role of Design Schools and Professional Training to Improve Urban Climate and Urban Metabolism Journal Article Taleghani et al. 2020
Conceptualizing Household Energy Metabolism: A Methodological Contribution Journal Article Strydom et al. 2019
Multi-Criteria and Life Cycle Assessment of Wood-Based Bioenergy Alternatives for Residential Heating: A Sustainability Analysis Journal Article Martín-Gamboa et al. 2019
State of the Art of Machine Learning Models in Energy Systems, a Systematic Review Journal Article Mosavi et al. 2019
Uncovering Household Carbon Footprint Drivers in an Aging, Shrinking Society Journal Article Huang et al. 2019
City Carbon Footprint Networks Journal Article Chen et al. 2016
The Impact of Carsharing on Public Transit and Non-Motorized Travel: An Exploration of North American Carsharing Survey Data Journal Article Martin and Shaheen 2011