Ecological Modelling

The journal is concerned with the use of mathematical models and systems analysis for the description of ecological processes and for the sustainable management of resources. Human activity and well-being are dependent on and integrated with the functioning of ecosystems and the services they provide. We aim to understand these basic ecosystem functions using mathematical and conceptual modelling, systems analysis, thermodynamics, computer simulations, and ecological theory. This leads to a preference for process-based models embedded in theory with explicit causative agents as opposed to strictly statistical or correlative descriptions. These modelling methods can be applied to a wide spectrum of issues ranging from basic ecology to human ecology to socio-ecological systems. The journal welcomes research articles, short communications, review articles, letters to the editor, book reviews, and other communications. The journal also supports the activities of the International Society of Ecological Modelling (ISEM).

Published by Elsevier.


Title Type Author(s) Year
A water-energy nexus review from the perspective of urban metabolism Journal Article Fan et al. 2019
Ecological network analysis of urban energy metabolic system—A case study of Beijing Journal Article Zhu et al. 2019
Review of spatial analysis of urban carbon metabolism Journal Article Zhang et al. 2018
Understanding the mechanism of urban material metabolism with ecological network analysis: An experimental study of Wuxi, China Journal Article Li et al. 2018
A Nitrogen Physical Input-Output Table (PIOT) model for Illinois Journal Article Singh et al. 2017
Evaluating spatiotemporal differences and sustainability of Xiamen urban metabolism using emergy synthesis Journal Article Yang et al. 2014
Emergy analysis of the urban metabolism of Beijing Journal Article Zhang et al. 2011
Ecological network analysis of an urban energy metabolic system: Model development, and a case study of four Chinese cities Journal Article Zhang et al. 2010
Evaluation of urban metabolism based on emergy synthesis: A case study for Beijing (China) Journal Article Zhang et al. 2009
Urban ecosystem health assessment based on emergy and set pair analysis—A comparative study of typical Chinese cities Journal Article Su et al. 2009
Ecological network analysis: network construction Journal Article Fath et al. 2007
Theory of urban energetics and mechanisms of urban development Journal Article Huang and Chen 2005
Urban nutrient balance for Bangkok Journal Article Færge et al. 2001
Energy-economic theory and mathematical models for combining the systems of man and nature, case study: The urban region of Miami, Florida Journal Article James Zucchetto 1975