Applied Energy

Applied Energy provides a forum for information on innovation, research, development and demonstration in the areas of energy conversion and conservation, the optimal use of energy resources, analysis and optimization of energy processes, mitigation of environmental pollutants, and sustainable energy systems. The journal publishes original papers, review articles, technical notes, and letters to the editor. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts which bridge the gaps between research, development and implementation. The breadth of coverage ranges from innovative technologies and systems of both fossil and renewable energy to the economic industrial and domestic use of energy with no or minor impact on the environment. Applied Energy is also concerned with the attendant problems of modeling and forecasting, conservation strategies, and the environmental, social and economic impacts of energy policies and usage, including climate change mitigation and other environmental pollution reduction.

Published by Elsevier.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Usage impact on data center electricity needs: A system dynamic forecasting model Journal Article Koot and Wijnhoven 2021
Embodied GHG emissions of buildings – The hidden challenge for effective climate change mitigation Journal Article Röck et al. 2020
An ecological-thermodynamic approach to urban metabolism: Measuring resource utilization with open system network effectiveness analysis Journal Article Tan et al. 2019
Life beyond the grid: A Life-Cycle Sustainability Assessment of household energy needs Journal Article Vogt Gwerder et al. 2019
The efficient, the intensive, and the productive: Insights from urban Kaya scaling Journal Article Gudipudi et al. 2019
Managing the energy-water-food nexus for sustainable development Journal Article Liu et al. 2018
The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in East Asia: A tele-connected value chain analysis using inter-regional input-output analysis Journal Article White et al. 2018
Water-energy nexus: A review of methods and tools for macro-assessment Journal Article Dai et al. 2018
Urban energy–water nexus based on modified input–output analysis Journal Article Wang et al. 2017
Water-energy nexus for urban water systems: A comparative review on energy intensity and environmental impacts in relation to global water risks Journal Article Lee et al. 2017
Coupling of carbon and energy flows in cities: A meta-analysis and nexus modelling Journal Article Chen and Chen 2016
The energy metabolism of megacities Journal Article Facchini et al. 2016
Transnational city carbon footprint networks - Exploring carbon links between Australian and Chinese cities Journal Article Chen et al. 2016
Urban energy–water nexus: A network perspective Journal Article Chen and Chen 2016
Urban energy consumption: Different insights from energy flow analysis, input-output analysis and ecological network analysis Journal Article Chen and Chen 2015
Urban energy consumption: Different insights from energy flow analysis, input–output analysis and ecological network analysis Journal Article Chen and Chen 2015
Applications of artificial neural-networks for energy systems Journal Article Soteris A. Kalogirou 2000