Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography

Since 1969 Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography has published peer-reviewed papers that push Geography’s critical edge, intending to engender the development of a new and better society. Many are inspired by Marxist, socialist, anarchist, anti-racist, anticolonal, feminist, queer, trans*, green, and postcolonial thought; however, the journal has always welcomed the infusion of new ideas and the shaking-up of old positions through dialogue and discussion, never being committed to just one view of critique. Antipode is committed to the new, the innovative, the creative, and the heretofore unthought radical edges of spatial theorisation and analysis. Its papers are groundbreaking, their clear arguments develop geographical thinking, and they do much more than simply add examples to support what we already know. Antipode papers reflect upon and extend the debates of our time, pushing literatures, knowledge and politics to and beyond their extant boundaries, exploring new themes and agendas, and putting new research or critical analysis to work to make interventions in the order of things.

Published by Wiley-Blackwell.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Contesting Urban Metabolism: Struggles Over Waste-to-Energy in Delhi, India Journal Article Demaria and Schindler 2016