Annual Review of Environment and Resources

The Annual Review of Environment and Resources, in publication since 1976, provides authoritative reviews of significant topics within environmental science and engineering, including ecology and conservation science, water and energy resources, atmosphere, oceans, climate change, agriculture and living resources, and human dimensions of resource use and global change. Former names were: Annual Review of Energy, Annual Review of Energy and the Environment

Published by Annual Reviews.


Title Type Author(s) Year
Machine Learning for Sustainable Energy Systems Journal Article Donti and Kolter 2021
The Environmental and Resource Dimensions of Automated Transport: A Nexus for Enabling Vehicle Automation to Support Sustainable Urban Mobility Journal Article Nikitas et al. 2021
Climate Change and Small Island Developing States Journal Article Thomas et al. 2020
Potential Climate Benefits of Digital Consumer Innovations Journal Article Wilson et al. 2020
Material Flow Accounting: Measuring Global Material Use for Sustainable Development Journal Article Fridolin Krausmann and Jackson5 2017
Concepts and methodologies for measuring the sustainability of cities Journal Article Yetano Roche et al. 2014
Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production: Patterns, Trends, and Planetary Boundaries Journal Article Haberl et al. 2014
Smart everything: Will intelligent systems reduce resource use? Journal Article Koomey et al. 2013
Energy and material flow through the urban ecosystem Journal Article Decker et al. 2000