Energy storage capacity & allocation in Singapore power system for PV penetration

In Singapore, most electricity demanded is supplied from main power producers and Auto producers. With the new CCGTs plant technology, a stable voltage provided to the end user and the power plant is controlling the pollution to the environment. As the demand for electricity is growing every year in Singapore, renewable resources can help to reduce the environmental impact during the electricity generation. Such naturally replenished energy sources like hydropower, solar power, wind power, and biofuels are examples of renewable energy resources. Recently, the development of solar PV installation technologies has been multiplying in Singapore. However, solar energy depends on the solar radiation which is unpredictable throughout the day, month or season. Unstable and uncertain electricity supply is the primary concern to implement the PV system. To address the matter, the Energy Storage System (ESS) can support the PV installation to produce a stable electricity supply. In this project, the study is going to identify the reason for the unstable and uncertain electricity supply and analyse the current PV penetration in Singapore and thereby analysing Energy Storage System allocation and capacity Plan in Singapore.

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