Evolution of Dragonfly Populations in the Brussels-Capital Region- Their Recent Increases- Importance of Pond Management

The dragonfly fauna of the Brussels-Capital Region consists of 56 species. Species richness has considerably varied over time. There was a constant impoverishment of the fauna over the course of the XXth century. At the turn of the Millenium, there were only 27 species of dragonflies and damselflies in Brussels. At the beginning of the XXIst century, the trend reversed. A total of 43 species have been observed in the Region since 2000. We describe this recent evolution, and the reasons that may explain this gratifying return of many species, on the basis of our observations combined with those recorded on and the databases of the InstitutBrussels for Environmental Management (IBGE). A few sites of occurrence of particularly significant assemblages of Odonata are discussed in more detail. Measures needed for the conservation of dragonflies are presented, in particular those related to the management of water bodies and their margins.

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