Mapping of Agricultural Land and Land Potentially Usable for Agriculture in the Brussels-Capital Region

One of the objectives of the project was to be able to produce a clear picture of the current situation of
agriculture via the production areas declared to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in
Brussels-Capital Region (RBC) as well as the potential of land still available for
install professional farmers. Indeed, as part of the launch of the strategy
Good Food which aims to supply Brussels residents for 30% with fruits and vegetables
produced in the Region and its direct periphery by 2035, one of the first challenges is to
to know the place which exists and which could be devoted to urban agriculture. This
knowledge of the potential did not exist until now. It is valuable information for
Terre-en-vue as for all associative and institutional actors involved in the issue of
the installation of farmers in the city who cultivate to feed the inhabitants of Brussels.

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