The Statistics of Recyclable Resources in Beijing: Satus, Problems and Countermeasures

Utilization of recyclable resources not only contributes to resource conservation, but also to the reduction of environmental pollution. The statistics on recyclable resources provides effective data support for the promotion of waste recycling and utilization. However, the research and practice concerning recyclable resources statistics are still at initial stage. By investigating and analysing the statistical status quo of Beijing’s recyclable resources production and recycling, this study pointed out problems such as undefined statistical types, incomplete statistical scope, nonstandard statistical methods, absence of supervision, and low integration of statistical resources among different departments. Based on the problems mentioned above, the implications for recyclable resources management were discussed. Establishing and issuing recycling catalogue, standardizing the statistical methods and process, building a sharing mechanism for the data monitoring, innovating the data collection method, and establishing statistical supervision system and appraisal mechanism are suggested to improve the recyclable resources management.