Model Architecture - Deliverable 2.1

This report has been prepared within WP2 “Development and implementation of urban metabolism and material flow analysis approach for decision making processes” with the purpose to definethe base model to be used for urban material flow analysis (Urban MFA) for eight pilot cities.The report introduces the concept of Economy-wide MFA and its adaptation for the analysis of cities’ metabolism. The suggested model was constructed based on the UMAn model tested on four European cities and described in scientific publications. The report defines the main procedure and boundaries of the analysis of urban metabolism. It provides the scope of statistical data required to feed the model, while moredetailed requirements for data collection are set in the corresponding Manuals for data collection. New approach is suggested to predict urban waste based on probability density function. The report summarizes the main indicators, which are expected to beused for analysis of urban metabolism, and their potential interconnection with life-cycle analysis and product environmental footprint, which would allow the UMAn model to enlarge the analysis of cities’ environmental impact as to include indirect flows.