Closing the loop of EOL concrete

Production of waste materials, via industrial and human activities, creates big environmental and economic problems but also opportunities to recover valuable resources. EU28 currently generates 461 million tons per year of ever more complex Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) with average recycling rates of around 46%. There is still a significant loss of potential valuable minerals, metals and organic materials all over Europe. Considering the fact that public and private sectors have become aware of the urgency and importance of CDW recycling, the European Commission has taken initiatives towards sustainable treatment and recycling of CDW funding three tandem projects focusing on the development of an innovative and sustainable concrete recycling process. To that end, this article will firstly present the main achievements and ongoing activities for developing the innovative concrete recycling technology in the course of the EU C2CA, HISER and VEEP projects. In addition some figures related to the cost of each recycling unit process and the selling price of the recycled products are presented.