Responding climate change: A bibliometric review on urban environmental governance

Urban environmental governance is critical for responding climate change. Existing policies have been inefficient for addressing complicated socio-ecological issues. In order to further promote related studies, it is critical to have a comprehensive review so that recent research progresses can be summarized and future research directions can be identified. Under such a circumstance, this paper aims to conduct a bibliometric review on urban environmental governance, with a focus on addressing climate change. Based on 1697 articles published from 1997 to 2017 and searched from Web of Science, a systematic method combining bibliometric analysis and network analysis is applied to uncover the dynamic trends, academic collaboration and research hotspots. Results show that the overall publication quantity had been gradually improved. The key journals include Journal of Cleaner Production, Sustainability and Energy Policy. Authors from USA have the most publications and international co-authorships, followed by China and UK, while the most influential institution is the Chinese Academy of Science. Moreover, research keywords have been identified, including GHG emission, energy, water, health and transport. In terms of research methods, life cycle assessment and ecological footprint are the dominating methods. In order to further improve research in this field, it is crucial to combine different methods so that more innovative perspectives can be presented. Research findings from this study can also provide valuable policy insights to policy-makers so that appropriate urban environmental governance policies can be raised to mitigate the overall greenhouse gas emission.