The strategy good food: "towards a sustainable food system in the Brussels Capital Region"

The issue of nutrition and the sustainability of food is growing into a major challenge at global and local level. This also applies to the Brussels-Capital Region with its tight territory, its 1,175,000 inhabitants and 330,000 commuters that need to be fed, and that under good conditions: healthy, high-quality and affordable food with a limited impact on the environment in general and the environment. climate and natural resources in particular.
The Good Food strategy "towards a sustainable food system" in the Brussels-Capital Region has the ambition to put the food issue at the center of the Brussels urban dynamics. This is an important issue for society and an economic, social and environmental challenge, while preserving our common heritage: enjoyment and good food. Some experiments show us the way. What we need today is real nutritional policy dynamics to address this issue more effectively.

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