Measuring the ecological performance of cities and territories: the metabolism of Paris and Ile-de-France

Excerpt from introduction:
The objective of this work is therefore to establish the Parisian and Parisian metabolism by first focusing on the flow of raw materials, based on the standardized method proposed by the European Commission's statistical services (EUROSTAT). Such an approach requires the location and collection of a large number of relatively sparse data, not always spatialized. The implementation of the analysis matrix is ​​therefore one of the main tasks to be accomplished, the idea being to lay the foundations of a long-term analysis framework, of an easy update, allowing to follow in the time the evolution of the Parisian metabolism. One of the challenges is to define the spatial framework of this analysis, since, while the administrative boundaries of the City of Paris itself constitute a permanent framework since 1860, those of the Paris agglomeration as a whole are shifting and more difficult to to stare.

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