Examining Stakeholder Perceptions Towards Sustainable Tourism in an Island Destination. The Case of Savusavu, Fiji

Island destinations attract a significant number of tourists each year. Sustainability is imperative as islands are especially vulnerable to the negative impacts of tourism. The purpose of this study was to explore stakeholder perceptions towards the potential for sustainable tourism development in the island destination of Savusavu, Fiji. Using a stakeholder analysis approach, a qualitative study was conducted in 2014 and 2016 and consisted of 51 in-depth interviews. This study determined that the issues facing Savusavu, Fiji are the lack of infrastructure and support for the development of systems in relation to access, waste and wastewater management and the protection of the marine environment. This study recommends an increase in stakeholder education and participation in tourism-related decisions in Savusavu, Fiji. Implementing initiatives such as a voluntary fund, increased community capacity and appointing an environmental coordinator are suggested as methods to increase sustainable tourism.

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