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Make special collections of publications

Created on Wednesday 24 June 2020, 11:40

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    Metabolism of Cities Library
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    Curate uploaded items
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We have some collections that are based on our tags. However, it would be great to do a bit more manual curating to create some special collections. For instance, what are THE seminal papers in the field? Let"s have a collection with must-reads. Let"s have a collection with "UM for beginners" papers. Maybe "UM for policy makers". And what other collections can we think of?

  • Determine what me make collections for e.g.:
    user group
    most cited
    most read
    most recent
    by country
    by method
    by material

  • For each of the collections, provide a more detailed overview of what kind of content can be found and what the collection means.

General instructions

Sort into lists, arrange according to date etc

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